Holiday Comedy Camp Kids & Teens 2020

Finish up the year with some Laughs!!!!!

Times Listed are East Coast/ New York (West Coast in Parenthesis)

  • Monday 12/28
  • Tuesday 12/29
  • Wednesday 12/30
  • Thursday 12/31

Daily Itinerary

  • 10:00am-11:30am Improv Comedy
  • 1:00pm-2:30pm Stand-Up & Improv Comedy
  • 4:00pm-5:30pm Improv Comedy
  • BONUS FUN TIME We will leave the room open for additional play time, hang out, MAFIA etc as per the will of the students at the time.


  • $125/full week unlimited access, drop in any time
  • $75 and drop in FOUR sessions.
  • $50 for just ONE day.


ONLINE PROGRAMS for SCHOOLS Fall 2020 #improvcomedy #afterschool #onlinceclasses #NYC

We really miss our work with schools. Since 2002 we (Improv 4 Kids & EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Improv) have worked with 100s of schools in NYC area and beyond including field trips to our Times Square Theater, In School Assemblies, Residencies, after school programming and even professional development.
Now we have prepared amazing online versions of these program, perfected since March through our public programming for kids & teens. Not only are these programs perfect for distance learning, we have lowered our rates.  EMAIL US NOW for dates and rates.

Online Field Trips

45-minute show is as close to our live club experience possible. High energy scenes, music and games are created on the spot based on audience suggestions (provided via chat, too avoid ZOOM sound issues with kids shouting out ideas). We do have 1-2 games per show that include students in the show.


Each class is focused on playing games. Many of which we have created / altered to fit the ZOOM platform. These games include both technique building workshop games and performance games. These are the same games we play with corporate groups to teach team, leadership, sales and service. After 8-10 classes students will be ready to put on a min showcase. Students develop critical thinking, public speaking, team communications (listening, focus) and self confidence.
Improv Unit can be a single workshop/master class or progressive after school or residency. After 8-10 classes students will be prepared for a mini showcase.


Our stand-up comedy writing/performing is based on three basic concepts.
1) Prepare yourself (using our writing prompts)  to take stage through brainstorming and outlining of ideas.
2) TAKE STAGE Using your notes, share ideas, stories, etc (at first not even trying to be funny.) Just talk for 3 minutes.
3) Tear the work apart (never yourself) to prepare a better set for next time. What worked? What Conncted? What got a laughs? What just did not seem to hit the mark? Why?  We keep this stage completely objective.
Over the course of a few sessions we slowly turn stories of observation and experience into original comedy routines. Meanwhile we learn creative writing, public speaking, and storytelling.
To minimize babble in class, I have a 5 minute video that goes with each of these writing prompts.
Daily Writing Prompts Brainstorm Ideas Brainstorm Details Find the Funny Outline Routine


  • Rule #1 HAVE FUN but never at another’s expense!
  • Great for both beginners and experienced performers!!!!
    Start every day with a smile. Lead by example and most folks lead back. But also stretching the face with a smile opens one up for better speaking/performance.
    Observe your world and record it in your journals. Comedy inspiration comes in the most mundane daily activities. When it comes time to perform improv or stand up your journal becomes your own text book of scene/story/joke ideas.

Week Four Comedy Camp starts July 20. Runs through September 3

Online Comedy Camp now open for registration!

Registration now open for Summer Camp running June 29 Thru September 3, 2020. Monday-Thursday 9:30-3pm with additional bonus activities – shows, bonding games run by teenterns and more…

New July 20

Friday/Saturday 9:30-11am in Central Park with Andrea. Free for campers. $40 to drop by or $120 for up to 8 classes (four weeks) in person only. Click here to sign up for in person only

Fridays 12:30 pm bonus comedy master class with Walt Frasier

You can also drop by comedy classes. Sunday – Thursday 5pm EST (2pm PST)

  • Comedy 4 Teens weekly classes (NYC times but available worldwide)
  • Comedy 4 Kids weekly online classes (NYC times but available worldwide)
  • Rates
  • SingleClass $25
  • FOURClasses $75
  • 1/2 day camp $150/week
  • Fullday camp $225/week
  • FOUR weeks of camp just $700

Registration now open for Summer Camp running June 29 Thru September 3, 2020. Monday-Thursday 9:30-4pm (Or 12:30-7 West Coast times 9:30-4) with additional bonus activities – shows, bonding games run by teenterns and more…

Improv Comedy

Playing Improv comedy games is not only a ton of fun, but a great way to develop as a performer. We sharpen and hone our listening and creative skills. We use these same games to teach corporate groups team building, leadership, sales and customer service.

Stand Up Comedy

First time performing stand up comedy? We have a very simple system that lets anyone become a comic. Watch the video below, and use worksheets to developbdevelop original routines through brainstorming and developing ideas based on your personal experiences and observations. At each step of the way, get on stage in a class or open mic (stand up comedy showcase) and test your ideas with a live audience.

Brainstorm Ideas Worksheet

Brainstorm Details Worksheet

Find The Funny

Outline your routine

Musical Comedy

New this year we are including a daily session music.

In addition to exploring musical improv styles, students will learn elements of vocal technique that benefit spoken voice  and singing.

Also rhythm, style and more.

Movement for the Performer

New this year, we are very excited to be including this element of theater arts.

Understanding ourselves head to toe allows us to become other characters.

Learning to stretch, breath and otherwise prepare ourselves to perform at our best develops endurance and allows us to bring out our best under nearly any condition.

Movement for artists is akin to martial arts. It is a path to focus. We develop muscle memory.

We also include specific acting exercises and mime techniques to develop characters and help tell stories in all art forms.



Summer Comedy Camp 2020 Registration ONLINE & HYBRID Meet Up Edition

Registration now open for Summer Camp running june 29 Thru September 3, 2020. Monday-Thursday 9:30-3pm with additional bonus activities – shows, bonding games run by teenterns and more… As health department permits, we will also include days where campers can meet up in person to engage in live performance training. This will be done in small groups, at safe locations with social distancing measures, wearing masks and gloves when necessary.

  • Teens – East Coast online
  • Teens – West Coast online
  • Kids – East Coast online
  • Kids – West Coast online

9:30am daily for both coasts (12:30pm also for afternoon East Coast 1/2 day students, or bonus writing prompt time for full day students that love to hear the sound of Walt Frasiers voice lol) is a 15-20 minute daily welcome with writing prompt to get my daily babble out of the way, so the 1-hour comedy sessions are 100%  stand-up and improv performance times.

We are actually hosting THREE 2-hour blocks daily 10am-12pm, 1-3pm 4-6pm EAST/NYC times. (OR 10am-12pm, 1-3pm PST Times.) Sign up for a FULL DAY of classes and attend ALL three blocks if you wish. Each Block includes 1-hour for comedy plus 45-minutes of either voice or movement.  When you click on the links above, the specific schedule for kids/teens and east/west coast campers are listed.

Bonus afternoon and Friday sessions will include family friendly shows, showcases by teenterns/ClassClowns, and camper showcases (We will not do shows EVERY week for EVERY camper, but rotate ALL campers in every 2- weeks)


After July 4th, as conditions allow and as demand persists, I will include days where we make it possible for students to meet up in safe locations. I am still working out exactly what this will look like. I am reading EVERY article on safe practices of opening up a day camp, and following what other sites are doing. These meet ups will occur at no additional charge and without disrupting online lesson schedule, most likely hosted by me personally..

ONLINE Comedy Classes 4 Kids & Teens

Are your kids stuck at home? Are they bored with little to do? We have created an online version of our Times Square comedy classes to help fill a void for both our students and teaching artists.

Use links to sign up for your first online class time. We will immediately work out a schedule for your class and private coaching times. You can complete the entire session in a week OR over the course of a month. During this time of chaos we are providing almost daily sessions where kids & teens can join a chat group with our moderator.

Tuition includes

  • UNLIMITED use of online resources – videos, study guides and blogs
  • FOUR online class coaching sessions hosted on ZOOM (40-minutes each).
  • FOUR online private coaching sessions (10-minute each)
  • We welcome you to create your own online videos on your finished work for various social media platforms. We will share them on our network. Simply send us a link.
  • When the plague subsides, we will invite students to our public showcases in New York City, where we will resume weekly classes and comedy camps.

Develop creative writing and performance skills while discovering your inner comedic genius!


START by watching our introduction video. We recommend start keeping a journal of your comedy writing process. We will have a series of worksheets and study guides but keeping everything in one composition book makes it harder to lose your work.



  1. Observe your world. EVERYTHING you need to be a comic is right in front of you. Material for stand-up comedy is everywhere. (As you will learn in the next section)
  2. Journal what you observe.
  3. SMILE – start every day with a smile. (SEE VIDEO ABOVE FOR MORE DETAILS on making you life a better place to live)

CLASS ONE: Brainstorming Ideas

Study Guide One “Brainstorming Ideas” before watching the next video.

B. Now watch the video.
Wait to complete the worksheet, but if the video inspires any ideas WRITE THEM DOWN.

Complete the worksheet, brainstorming ideas based on the prompt. There is no wrong. Never edit. Never judge while you brainstorm. Just “vomit” idea onto the paper.

Now meet with your instructor privately to go over your work. The teacher will help with your brainstorming process and pick your brain. Review your notes before starting grup session.

This will be your first online open mic session for this course. The other students may be doing their first session, their second or their 100th. When it is your turn just focus on your work. You will have 2-3 minutes to share your ideas. At this stage of the game, just read off some of the things on your list. If you want, you can tell us a bit about what happened. Don’t try to be funny. JUST SHARE. There will be some minimal feedback. When it is another comic’s turn, be a great audience. Learn from each other. Be supportive of each other. Remember, Comics are never allowed to be hecklers (This is a small community. Don’t burn bridges at your first class lol)

E. Journal the experience of class one brainstorming , process and performance.

CLASS TWO: Brainstorming Details

Study Guide One “Brainstorming Details” before watching the next video.

B. Now watch the video.
Wait to complete the worksheet, but if the video inspires any ideas WRITE THEM DOWN.


Now meet with your instructor privately to go over your work. The teacher will help with your brainstorming process and pick your brain and start to formulate an actual routine out of this new information.

Now present your routines to the class again. There may be different faces in this room from last time. Present the story/stories as if this crowd is hearing them for the first time. Again, don’t try to be funny. JUST SHARE your story. LISTEN to yourself.

E. Journal the experience of class two brainstorming , process and performance.

CLASS THREE: Add the Funny and Outline your Routine


C. Now watch the video.
Wait to complete the worksheet, but if the video inspires any ideas WRITE THEM DOWN.


Using the FIND THE FUNNY worksheet brainstorm ways to build up some laughs in your routine. Use the OUTLINE YOUR WORK worksheet to organize your thoughts. Now meet with your instructor privately to go over your work. The teacher will help with your process and pick your brain beyond where the video leaves off.

Now present your routines to the class again. There may be different faces in this room from last time. Present the story/stories as if this crowd is hearing them for the first time.

F. Journal the experience of class three process and performance. Start to analyze the good the bad and the ugly. What got a laugh? What got a snicker? What was a total waste of time? When we brainstorm we never worry about what is good. NOW we start to be more picky about what makes it to the next step.


ALMOST. At this point think about those words on a shampoo bottle.

A. Go back to CLASS THREE worksheets. From now on, EVERY TIME you get on stage with this same material, the goal is to make it even FUNNIER. How can you improve the material? How can you improve your presentation of the material?

Now meet with your instructor privately to go over your work. Before the next group session, re-outline your routine with the changes.

Now present your routines to the class again. There may be different faces in this room from last time. Present the story/stories as if this crowd is hearing them for the first time.


The primary class is over. If your time permits and we have space, we invite you to join additional online sessions during your planned class time. Or sign up for another session and let’s create new material together. A professional stand-up comic does the above routine EVERY week.

At the time this is written, you may not have a way to perform live. Schools are closed. Clubs are closed. When things get back to normal we invite you to join us in Times Square for a show. If not in/near New York City, find a talent show at school or local theater/club that hosts showcases for students your age.

Either way, and for now, we recommend shooting a video of your work. Post it on youtube, IGTV, TIKTOK (if under a minute), Twitter (if under two minutes) etc.

Send us a link and we will share in our network.




Spring Break Comedy Camp April 14-17, 2020 ages 7-17

Spring Break Comedy Camp April 14-17, 2020 ages 7-17


Daily registration includes lunch, snacks and classes in both Improv and Stand-Up Comedy. Weekly registration includes five days, ending with  Friday performance showcase at 2pm, exclusive to those signed up for full week.

Spring Break Comedy Camp

Join us for our first full Spring Break Comedy Day Camp. Campers ages 7-17 will daily participate. Let’s look at what a week of camp looks like.

Monday April 13

9:30am camp starts. We will have an adult on campus by 8:45am for early drop offs. After a brief morning meeting, welcoming all to camp, we warm up. Playing a series of “games” we develop team and individual skills in improv comedy. Next we play a technique building game on how to start a scene and develop story with WHO (characters, relationship) WHERE (setting) and WHAT (plot, action, arc). We intro duce a few performance games that could be played during the Friday show. In addition to learning Improvisation and Performance skills, campers develop self confidence, public speaking, and creative/critical thinking skills. We play these same games in corporate events teaching team building, leadership, sales and customer service.

11:30 Brainstorming exercise. Before lunch we discuss ideas for possible stand up comedy routines. We start simply by listing things we have experienced and observed at school, home, on vacation and in public spaces, recording this list in our journal.

Lunch is served

Open Mic- each student will take their list, one at a time, and just share some of the items. Some students on might simply share the list. Others might start telling us the stories. Each comic just talks for about 2 minutes. After talking on stage, campers write about the experience in their journals. What connected, what hot a laugh, what seemed to misfire. All this organizing our thoughts for the next time we get on stage.

1pm Afternoon Improv Session – after a brief refocusing warm up game, we focus on playing one or two performance games.

2:45 Snacks

3pm showtime – campers will get to watch a public performance of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Improv Comedy, featuring camp counselors and teachers.

Parents and siblings are invited to join the campers to watch the show. There is a one beverage minimum (included for campers) but the $25 tickets are on us.

4:15 dismissal after the show, but we will have adult supervision until 5:15 as needed for late pick ups.

improv comedy

Tuesday 4/14 – Wednesday 4/15 – Thursday 4/16

8:45a early drop offs. Microphones on for students to practise stand-up comedy

9;30 morning meeting and brainstorm – short journal writing exercise to help flesh out comedy routines – brainstorming details, learning ways to make more funny etc

9;45 Morning Improv Session

11:30 lunch and open mic time

1pm Afternoon Improv Session

3pm snacks and afternoon break out- teenterns (teen students that have attended 2-6+ years) lead

2019 Week Three cast photo

Friday 4/17

Friday is exclusive for students attending full week. 8:45-9:30 drop offs, 9;30 morning meeting and dress rehearsal. 11:30 notes. 12:pm30 lunch break, 1:30 house opens for show as campers gather to focus. 2pm showtime. Please invite the world. Our campers work hard and they deserve a great audience!!!

Dismissal after show.

fall classes

Early drop-offs start at 8:45, late pick-ups 5pm
$125/Day (Monday-Thursday) includes daily classes, lunch & snacks
$450/Week includes watching a professional show (EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Family Friendly Improv Off-Broadway) and performance showcase on Friday at 2pm.
$850/Two Weeks (Register for more, save more)

Check out recent article in THE TIMES, London, regarding our classes for kids. Click here for full article

London Times feature on our classes

London Times does a feature on our classes


No one doubts the virtues of Spanish classes, piano lessons and the workshops where girls learn to write computer code. But for New York parents who fret that their children do not quite fit in at school and who hope to turn this into a strength, there is another after-school class in a dimly lit cellar just off Broadway.

There, on a Saturday at noon, as men carry crates of beer bottles to a store room, a group of children aged 6 to 11 gather for instruction from an amiable man in a black T-shirt. “The second you get off stage, think about what worked and what didn’t,” he tells them. They should consider their “set-ups”, he says. “What was slow? What wasn’t funny?”

This is a children’s stand-up comedy class: another sign of the steady evolution of the art form from a fringe activity to a profession so respectable that even Manhattan parents want their children to learn it. “My son just started,” says Nastasia Avrutin, a young mother sitting in the hall outside. “He’s always been the class clown. This is a terrific outlet for him to explore that.”

Children are taught to embrace the world at Broadway Comedy Club. Death scenes are frowned upon
Children are taught to embrace the world at Broadway Comedy Club. Death scenes are frowned upon
I had arrived with a nine-year-old girl called Alice, the daughter of a friend. “It’s a good place to go, even though it’s usually a comedy club for adults,” Alice tells me on the way. I ask her about her influences, the comedians she admires. “Jim Gaffigan,” she says. “My mum only lets me watch him because he doesn’t swear.”

Walter Frasier, 47, the comedian who runs Improv 4 Kids, tells the class to “observe your world” and to keep a journal. He asks them for some recent observations. “My dad has flooded two Airbnb houses,” says the oldest boy, who is eleven. “Not one, but two.” He pauses. “One, I get. But two?”

“That sounds like a good routine,” Mr Frasier says. “Yeah! I’m going to do it,” the boy replies.

They play some improvisation games. “No more killing,” Mr Frasier tells the children during a group storytelling exercise, as they keep steering their character towards a violent death. “Death in an improv sketch is the end of the sketch. So try and keep death and killing out of it.”

He also has to lay down the law with a six-year-old who keeps disrupting the class. “But it’s a comedy club,” the little boy says. “We can do whatever we want.” “OK, so you’re a heckler, you’re not a comedian,” Mr Frasier says. “I can’t run a class like this.”

He gets them back on track and the children perform their material. Fathers take a bit of a beating; so do siblings. Alice does a routine about her efforts to be a vegetarian. “Vegetarians are super annoying,” she says. “I’m practising to be more annoying.”

Alice’s mother says that her daughter sometimes seemed “a little spacey”. She says: “It’s been helpful for her to have this reason to be more alert to the world.”

Doesn’t she worry, as a parent, that she could become the target? “Completely,” she replies, and tells me about a routine that Alice does, on how her dad worries about things that are dangerous but unlikely, like a shark attack, while her mother panics about “things that are not dangerous but are very, very likely, like having jam on my school blouse”.

Her mother pauses for a beat. “She does it so much better.”

Monday February 17 President’s Day Comedy Camp

Due to the popular demand of our Holiday day camp sessions this past December, we have added a full week of camp to coincide with the NYC Schools Winter Holiday Break. CLICK HERE to register for Monday February 17 or the full week. Scroll below to learn more about what each day and week looks like.

February 17-21, 2020 at the Broadway Comedy Club, Times Square NYC

Monday February 17 2020

CLICK HERE to register for Monday February 17 or the full week

8:45am we don’t start until 9:30am, but we have at least one adult on campus for early drop offs. The microphones are on for students to play with stand up comedy ideas.

9:30am Camp officially begins with a brief morning meeting, role call and explanation of what to expect for the day. Students due a brief brainstorm exercise to help prepare for both stand up and Improv comedy. Great comedy, and all art, starts with what we know.

9:45a Morning warm ups. We play a series of games that focus the individual and team. We wake up our vocal and physical bodies to perform. We prepare our mind to be creative as well as receive ideas from teammates.

10am Technique Games. We play a game or two that teaches a technique in Improv comedy. YES AND, starting a scene, making simple choices in WHO, WHERE WHAT, pantomime, etc

10:30 Performance Games. Everyday we work on two specific games that could be performed in a show. Our more experience students – AKA TEENTERNS – will take turns as MC/Host, learning how to teach and present the games to audiences.

From 02/02/2020 Class Clowns show featuring our top teens.

11:30 Stand Up comedy Open Mic and lunch. At some point we take a full 30 minute break for lunch. Before and after students take turns on stage. On Monday, simply take one if your ideas from the morning brainstorm. Simply tell us what happened, sort of like what you might do at school lunch, sharing stories with friends. Over the course of the week we will craft these stories into original comedy routines.

1pm Afternoon Improv Comedy. After a brief warm up we will work on another performance game.

2pm Improv game review. Play games from the day and popular games loved by our students (that include all on the team)

2:45 Snacks

3pm Watch a professional performance of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH, featuring teachers and counselors from camp and other pros from stage and screen. Tickets normally $25pp plus a one drink minimum. We invite campers and their families to joins us. Free tickets for all, just purchase a beverage (included for camper). Not attending camp? CLICK HERE for tickets

Show is over by 4:15. This is also dismissal time, however we will have an adult on hand until 5:15 as needed for late pick ups.

CLICK HERE to register for Monday February 17 or the full week $125/day includes all of the above – and yes we provide lunch and snacks. Monday is usually Pizza Day. We also get salad and additional healthy veggie options. Or pay $450 for the full week. See below for more of the week.

Tuesday thru Thursday

Similar to Monday, we offer 8:45 drop offs. 9:30-11:30 Morning improv session, 11:30-1:00 lunch and open mic (Stand up comedy). 1pm Afternoon Improv Session

The biggest difference is the 3pm fun hour. Our TEENTERNS take over and run one of their fave group bonding games. For many campers this is their favorite times of the week.


Fridays are all about putting on a show. We do not allow day-only drop in for Fridays as we really need campers all week to be effective on Friday.

8:45 early drop offs

9:30 warm ups

9:45 dress rehearsal – run a mock show, practicing stand up comedy and improv comedy intended for afternoon show. The focus is on presenting with focused transitions.

11:30 Notes – teachers share their take on what works and what needs some focus before final show

Lunch break and free time

1:30 house opens to public (family and friends). Campers gather for one more quick focus session.

2pm SHOWTIME please invite the world so the campers have a great audience. We video the show and share, unlisted, on YouTube so you can share with friends and family not in attendance.

Dismissal after showtime

Comedy camp
The Dating Game, Summer Camp 2019

Sad Kitty Blues

From the Class Clowns show November 2019

Teens  perform original Improv and Stand-up Comedy in Times Square NYC

Sunday 3pm Jan 12, Feb 2, March 1

Broadway Comedy Club
318 West 53rd St, NYC 10019
$5 cover (Cash only at the door) One drink minimum per guest

Follow and watch the videos of Class Clowns performing live on


Dec 7 see our students perform with Kenan Thompson


Want to perform?

Most of these performers take classes
at the Broadway Comedy Club.
If you are interested in performing,
register for a class OR
EMAIL a video clip and bio.

Take a Class

EVERY SATURDAY at 10am during Winter, Spring and Fall we invite teens to join us for weekly classes. Just $40 to drop in, almost every session includes open mic time to work stand up comedy routines plus 75-90 minutes of Improv Comedy. Register for full sessions and you will perform on our showcases for friends and family. Our more experienced performers also perform the monthly showcases listed above (Class Clowns)

Click Here for calendar of classes. Click on date/times and complete registration

Comedy Kids

Four More Weeks? Plus BONUS WEEK then Fall Classes

By popular demand we have added an extra week of camp. We have four more weeks scheduled. $450/week includes daily classes, mock performance, lunch and snacks plus weekly attendance at a professional Improv show, and showcase Friday at 2pm performing stand-up and improv comedy. August 26-28 will be four days for just $250. Fall classes start September 7.

Click here to register for camp and classes!!!

Scroll to August and select August 26 9:30. Use this link for discount registration to other camp weeks and fall classes and beyond…

August 26,27,28,29

9am drop offs

9:30-11:30 Improv Master class

11:30 Lunch/free hour

12:30-2:30 Stand up comedy and Improv open mic… Mock performance with teen students/interns as MC for games

2:30 snack time

Monday/Tuesday free hour (play improv games, mafia and other camp bonding games lead by teen-terns)

Wednesday 3pm Watch a professional show

Thursday 3pm Showcase

No class/camp Friday August 30

Regular Camp Schedule

Monday-Thursday 9:30a-4pm with early drop offs at 8:45. Late pick ups at 5pm

Friday 9:30 warm-up, dress rehearsal, notes; 12pm lunch 2pm showcase for friends and family.

$450 includes daily lunch, snacks plus weekly showcase and at least one interactive professional show.

Click here and save $50/week!


Saturdays 10am Comedy 4 Teens

Saturdays 12pm Comedy 4 Kids (8-12)

FALL CLASS SCHEDULE: September 7, 14, 21, 28, October 5, 12, 19
SHOWCASE: NOVEMBER 2 (30 minutes after posted class time)
BONUS CLASSES: November 9, 16, 23 at Noon for all ages