Summer Comedy Camp 2020 Registration ONLINE & HYBRID Meet Up Edition

Registration now open for Summer Camp running june 29 Thru September 3, 2020. Monday-Thursday 9:30-3pm with additional bonus activities – shows, bonding games run by teenterns and more… As health department permits, we will also include days where campers can meet up in person to engage in live performance training. This will be done in small groups, at safe locations with social distancing measures, wearing masks and gloves when necessary.

  • Teens – East Coast online
  • Teens – West Coast online
  • Kids – East Coast online
  • Kids – West Coast online

9:30am daily for both coasts (12:30pm also for afternoon East Coast 1/2 day students, or bonus writing prompt time for full day students that love to hear the sound of Walt Frasiers voice lol) is a 15-20 minute daily welcome with writing prompt to get my daily babble out of the way, so the 1-hour comedy sessions are 100%  stand-up and improv performance times.

We are actually hosting THREE 2-hour blocks daily 10am-12pm, 1-3pm 4-6pm EAST/NYC times. (OR 10am-12pm, 1-3pm PST Times.) Sign up for a FULL DAY of classes and attend ALL three blocks if you wish. Each Block includes 1-hour for comedy plus 45-minutes of either voice or movement.  When you click on the links above, the specific schedule for kids/teens and east/west coast campers are listed.

Bonus afternoon and Friday sessions will include family friendly shows, showcases by teenterns/ClassClowns, and camper showcases (We will not do shows EVERY week for EVERY camper, but rotate ALL campers in every 2- weeks)


After July 4th, as conditions allow and as demand persists, I will include days where we make it possible for students to meet up in safe locations. I am still working out exactly what this will look like. I am reading EVERY article on safe practices of opening up a day camp, and following what other sites are doing. These meet ups will occur at no additional charge and without disrupting online lesson schedule, most likely hosted by me personally..