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Develop creative writing and performance skills while discovering your inner comedic genius!

Interested in our online component, working with our teaching artists and creating content in a community from around the country, EMAIL US for registration options!


START by watching our introduction video. We recommend start keeping a journal of your comedy writing process. We will have a series of worksheets and study guides but keeping everything in one composition book makes it harder to lose your work.

OUR RULE #1 HAVE FUN!!! (but never at another’s expense!)


  1. Observe your world. EVERYTHING you need to be a comic is right in front of you. Material for stand-up comedy is everywhere. (As you will learn in the next section)
  2. Journal what you observe.
  3. SMILE – start every day with a smile. (SEE VIDEO ABOVE FOR MORE DETAILS on making you life a better place to live)

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