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How old are the participants?

We have students in the programs from 6-18, but most range 9-15. Younger students (6-8) require permission to join. Some are ready for the course work some are not. This program is a bit more sophisticated than traditional youth theater programs. Younger students may not be mature enough.

Does my child need any experience to join this program?

No. We have students that have been with us for 1-10 sessions. Some even become employees after graduating high school and/or college. But every session – sometimes weekly/daily – we welcome new students into the fold. New students learn quickly next to experienced. Each student is encouraged to grow at their own pace. After working with us a few sessions we give students chance to learn how to lead warm-ups and even MC games in the showcases.

How early can I drop off my child?

The main program runs 9:30-3:30. We recommend arriving by 9:15 so students can be ready to rock on time – remember, on time is late. We will have an adult at the club by 8:45am every day for students arriving early.  We ask you pick up your child by 4pm every day. Students 13 and older with parental permission can self report/dismiss.

Does tuition include lunch?

Yes. Every day we will provide lunch, snacks and bottled water. We rotate pizza, pasta, tacos, sandwiches and try to provide a number of healthy options daily. If your child has any special dietary needs (Vegan, Gluten, etc)  you might want to consider sending lunch along with each day. We try to avoid the more common issues – never serving PBJ – but we cannot guarantee nut free etc.

What is a typical day like?

Every morning at 9:30 sharp we start warming up, playing a few team building, energy passing games. Students arriving before 9:30 are encouraged to work on their stand-up and sketch routines. Students can ask to work with teachers as well if needing some extra help fleshing out material. Almost every day starts with Improv class.  Before and sometimes during lunch we morph into an Open Mic Session for students to develop and practice stand-up routines.  After lunch is another class in Improv or Sketch Comedy.  The day finishes with a mock performance of stand-up and some Improv games.

At least once/week students will be able to watch the pros perform some Improv comedy. Our professional company hosts field trips for summer camps from  around the city and beyond.  (We also send shows nationwide to theaters, corporate/private events, colleges and K-12 outreach).

Do the students get to perform?


YES! Every week,  in fact, on Friday afternoon we invite family and friends to attend a showcase. Every student is invited to perform both Improv Games and original content (Stand-up, Sketch, Etc).

Last year we added a musical Improv element.


Our more experienced students are often invited to guest star on our public shows. Just this past Sunday a number of our students joined Kenan Thompson (SNL, Kenan & Kel, All That).

Other students have been invited to audition for TV, including producer auditions for America’s Got Talent. ONe of our students, Ethan, has even appeared on Master of None.

Ethan on Netflix

We also created a series of online “TV SHOWS” with our students performing Improv.

Do you offer internships?

Yes and no. We generally promote from within. We only “hire” talent over the age of 18. We do offer scholarships to a few teens each year in exchange for helping us run warm-ups etc but these positions are reserved for those that have been part of our program for at least a couple years.

One of our Assistant Teachers, Steven Prestia, was one of our original campers at the age of 13. Now almost 20, Steven is in college but also working as a professional comic, performing both with our Improv cast and all over Long Island and New York City Clubs.

We can always say, we knew him when…

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