ONLINE PROGRAMS for SCHOOLS Fall 2020 #improvcomedy #afterschool #onlinceclasses #NYC

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We really miss our work with schools. Since 2002 we (Improv 4 Kids & EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Improv) have worked with 100s of schools in NYC area and beyond including field trips to our Times Square Theater, In School Assemblies, Residencies, after school programming and even professional development.
Now we have prepared amazing online versions of these program, perfected since March through our public programming for kids & teens. Not only are these programs perfect for distance learning, we have lowered our rates.  EMAIL US NOW for dates and rates.

Online Field Trips

45-minute show is as close to our live club experience possible. High energy scenes, music and games are created on the spot based on audience suggestions (provided via chat, too avoid ZOOM sound issues with kids shouting out ideas). We do have 1-2 games per show that include students in the show.


Each class is focused on playing games. Many of which we have created / altered to fit the ZOOM platform. These games include both technique building workshop games and performance games. These are the same games we play with corporate groups to teach team, leadership, sales and service. After 8-10 classes students will be ready to put on a min showcase. Students develop critical thinking, public speaking, team communications (listening, focus) and self confidence.
Improv Unit can be a single workshop/master class or progressive after school or residency. After 8-10 classes students will be prepared for a mini showcase.


Our stand-up comedy writing/performing is based on three basic concepts.
1) Prepare yourself (using our writing prompts)  to take stage through brainstorming and outlining of ideas.
2) TAKE STAGE Using your notes, share ideas, stories, etc (at first not even trying to be funny.) Just talk for 3 minutes.
3) Tear the work apart (never yourself) to prepare a better set for next time. What worked? What Conncted? What got a laughs? What just did not seem to hit the mark? Why?  We keep this stage completely objective.
Over the course of a few sessions we slowly turn stories of observation and experience into original comedy routines. Meanwhile we learn creative writing, public speaking, and storytelling.
To minimize babble in class, I have a 5 minute video that goes with each of these writing prompts.
Daily Writing Prompts Brainstorm Ideas Brainstorm Details Find the Funny Outline Routine


  • Rule #1 HAVE FUN but never at another’s expense!
  • Great for both beginners and experienced performers!!!!
    Start every day with a smile. Lead by example and most folks lead back. But also stretching the face with a smile opens one up for better speaking/performance.
    Observe your world and record it in your journals. Comedy inspiration comes in the most mundane daily activities. When it comes time to perform improv or stand up your journal becomes your own text book of scene/story/joke ideas.