Megan Performs at Caroline’s with Kenan Thompson

May 6 2018

Part 1


Part 2



Megan, last summer at comedy camp

Here’s part of my comedy skit at #broadwaycomedyclub #comedy #kidcomedian #standup

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Featuring the teachers and students of our programs, we present a pilot TV show. Hopefully we will see these amazing students on TV or Netflix or other platforms soon.

The Comedy Kids Episode 1 Part 1 & 2

The Comedy Kids is an interactive comedy show featuring kids performing improv comedy in front of a live audience.

Hosted by Walt Frasier

Comedy Kids Cast: Avery Lender Che Johnson Liam Byrne Ethan Harkavy Judah Angert Luna Austin Matthew Gerety

Directed by Laurice Fattal

Production Asst: Charnette Soto, Thomas Burns Scully